Don't you wish your driveway played host to this Viper car, straight out of Battlestar Galactica? Butch pilot with mental issues and a sexy flightsuit not included.

Put together by Rick Murphy and inspired by BSG's ships, The Trylon Viper car was sold as a kit in the 1990s, and what an amazing package that would have been to get in the mail.


The Trylon is outfitted with a snazzy blinking cockpit that measures 15' 4" long, 43" high and 76" wide at the Stern with an RX-7 engine. Which, according to car lord Ray Wert, is "insane" and "would probably leaves an oil slick in its's also wholly unreliable." But spaceships are fickle beasts, and I can only imagine assembling a Battlestar Galactica Viper is even harder because there was a war on people, a war with Cylons — so you have to take what you get, scrap metal and crappy engines be damned.

But before you jump into your Trylon Viper you might want to make sure it can turn.


[Three Wheelers] (Thanks Corey!)