Laughing In The Face Of Endless Horror, UHF-Style

In the 1980s, you couldn't show a monster movie on a local UHF station without a cheesy programming block called "Creature Feature." Bonus points if you had a monster-joking host like Dr. Paul Bearer, seen here introducing a Godzilla film.

This copy of Godzilla versus the Cosmic Monster, taped off television probably 25 years ago, turned up on one of those popular video-sharing site thingies. The Godzilla film is pretty terrific in itself, especially with some truly hideous dubbing. But the intro and outro from Dr. Paul Bearer are sources of endless fascination. He's like an old Vaudeville comic doing a monster schtick, cackling as much from nervousness as to keep up the "ghoul" act. I wonder what Dr. Paul Bearer is doing now? Here's his outro:


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In eastern Nebraska, if you could get KMTV Channel 3 (NBC) out of Omaha, it was "Creature Feature" (and occasionally "Creature Double Feature") starring Dr. San Guinary. It ran from 1970 to 1980, prior to 1975 it started at 10:30 right after the news, but in 1975 it got bumped to 12:00, after some new network show called "Saturday Night Live". John Jones, who played the good Dr., had to quit the show in 1980 due to health problems, and he passed on in 1988.

In 2001, KMTV - now a CBS affiliate - tried to resurrect "Creature Feature" with the Son of San Guinary, but it only lasted 2 years.