Latest Trailer for The Mummy Unleashes the Monster Within

 Screenshot: Universal Pictures
Screenshot: Universal Pictures
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The second trailer for The Mummy reboot is here, and we finally learn who exactly the mummy is, what she wants, and how Tom Cruise’s character is connected to, basically, everything.


The trailer shows Cruise, as Nick Morton, discovering the mummy’s tomb while struggling to run away from enemy gunfire. There, he and Jenny (Annabelle Willis) discover the truth about Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), a woman who was set to become Egypt’s new queen until her thirst for power led to her downfall. And it turns out, Nick is the key to her salvation.


The movie’s looking pretty cool, and Cruise is clearly having a blast (including with that crazy airplane stunt). I’m excited to see how this story reinterprets the classic Universal monster story, and how it ties into the overall planned shared universe. You can check out the latest trailer below. The Mummy comes out June 9.


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This just makes me want to watch the 1st Brendan Fraser one again.