This week's Entertainment Weekly has The Dark Knight Rises on the cover, and it's your best look yet at Catwoman's pointy ears. And my god, does Anne Hathaway look anorexic to anyone else? I know that she bragged that she lived on "kale and dust" for Dark Knight Rises, but I hadn't seen her looking quite so... emaciated.* Of course, it's an airbrushed magazine cover, so there's that. And maybe the idea is that she represents the 99 percent, who are starving while Bruce Wayne and his fancy society friends live it up? I don't know. Anyway, her pointy ears sure are campy! It comes with the territory.


Oh, and Batman is sporting a big brass Bat-Buckle on his belt, which I don't think was in the previous films. (Update: People in comments have pointed out that it was in the past two films too. My bad.) And he's got a bit of a Bat-paunch. [EW via First Showing]

* And yes, Kale and Dust are going to be the new supervillain duo attacking Batman in this summer's big crossover event. Synergy.