Latest Clip From Syfy's The Magicians Shows How You Get to Magic College—With Snark

Brakebills University, the secret school of magic in Syfy’s upcoming show The Magicians, isn’t Hogwarts. You don’t get a charming letter saying you’ve gotten in. In fact, this clip shows Brakebills’ admissions are about confusion, entrance exams, and no small amount of snootiness.


Syfy just showed this clip from its adaptation of Lev Grossman’s novel about high-achieving magic students at NYCC’s The Magicians panel. We get to see how our lead character Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph) arrives at the university. And he’s greeted with perfect, practiced indifference by Elliot (Hale Appleman). Oh, the joys of college disorientation.

We’re curious to see how this show turns out and whether it captures the spirit of the book. The Magicians’ 13-episode season debuts on Syfy in early 2016.

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I see they’re going for that retro vibe where they set the show in an America where only white people exist. On the other hand, at least it’s the odd one out in the modern TV landscape.