Latest Airbender Trailer Reveals New Characters And First Dialogue

There's a brand Airbender trailer that finally shows what everyone has been waiting for: characters talking. The heart of the Avatar cartoon isn't FX or martial arts, it's the characters. Now that the characters are acting, what do you think?

First up, there's the first look at Shaun Toub as Uncle Iroh, kicking some firebending butt with wings of flames. Also new to this trailer is Seychelle Gabriel as Princess Yue, who has the best hair in the Avatar realm, next to Katara's hair loops.

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Racebending issues aside, I'm really curious to know what you think now that you've seen the live-action characters walk and talk. Did M. Night Shyamalan capture these unique characters?


[via Yahoo]

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I'm still kinda angry about this...

I have said this before but really Shyamalan? I would have expected Racebending from any one else but coming from a Indian-American It kinda hurts. I mean he was raised in the states and so was I but you cant deny your heritage like this. A great chance to bring eastern heroes and culture to a wide audience and he bends to studio pressure to make the heroes Caucasian and the villeins dark skinned.

It's really shameful.