Last Week Was Great for Spotting the ISS

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Clear skies and good sun visibility meant that a ton of people were able to spot the International Space Station as it passed in front of the sun last week. There are videos, photos, and written reports attesting to that fact.


The above photo comes from Maximilian Teodorescu, who wrote on

After a very long period of no transits of the ISS over the Sun, I have finally got a chance of perfectly clear skies and high Sun altitude and a close flyby of the ISS at around 470km. Together with my wife I drove a few kilometers from my workplace and settled into a corn field in 30 degrees Celsius. When the moment came we both push our remote control buttons and got the dark silhouette of the ISS close to the freshly emerged sunspot groups 2104 and 2107. So for a very brief (0.6 seconds) there were three large sunspot groups on the Sun for us.


Also catching the ISS on film that day was John Stetson in Portsmouth, NH:

And finally, William Lee created a time lapse video tracking the ISS passed in front of the sun:


[via Discover Magazine]


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Rufus Honker IV

I had never had the chance to catch the ISS in the sky. Then one evening at 10:20pm I was walking out to my van to go to work (I'm on 13 years of nights right now) and I looked up as I always do - being an astronomy nerd. A bright "star" came from over my house in the sky and drifted to the east. I'd never seen anything like it before. Before I started the van I posted about it to Facebook. By the time I got to work someone had suggested it could be the ISS. I looked up the ISS schedule and shucky-darn it was.