Last Night's Originals Ended With Not One, But Two "Holy F--k" Moments

The Originals is spending a lot of its second season focusing on the ever-growing number of Mikaelsons, and not really giving enough screentime to Marcel, Josh, Aidan, Davina, and all the storylines about New Orleans magical politics. But at least the Mikaelsons can still surprise us, as this clip proves.

Elijah spends rather a lot of time wallowing in blood, while his brother Finn rants at him in prose that's purple even by Mikaelson standards. Has Elijah just finally lost his shit altogether? Did Camille's carpentry therapy fail to fix him? Is he just going to descend into madness while Finn proves that he really wasn't that great a psychologist? Nope. Elijah is just toying with Finn, keeping him there until the damaged house fills with gas... so Elijah can spark it using his own flammable vamp skin, causing a huge fireball.


The other WTF moment involves Hope, Elijah's hybrid niece. Who, apparently, can sense danger — and stop a car with her mind. SATAN BABY. The look on Camille's face is pretty awesome.

Also in this episode, but not in the above clip:

  • Klaus admits that he pretty much used to just dagger his siblings for the LOLs. Also, he starts trusting Kol — enough to let Kol and Rebekah dessicate him and use him as a magic battery.
  • Marcel stops his vamps from snacking on werewolves for, like, the tenth time. And we witness a de-Alphaing ceremony as more wolves want to join the pack that gets Haley's hybrid powers.
  • Freya wants to find Hope too, because it turns out Aunt Dahlia is alive, and looking for more firstborn Mikaelsons to do something nasty with. And Dahlia will kill everyone to get at Hope. (Wouldn't it be easier to get at Hope by not killing everybody? Whatever.)

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