Last Night's Limitless Was Ferris Bueller's Day Off Gone Wild

Dangerous super drugs, a shady black ops gig, plenty of ‘80s references... several of my boxes, checked. Last night’s Limitless showed what happened when Brian tried to take a “day off,” packing in Ferris Bueller nods in between gruesome murders. (Including Rebecca as Sloane!) Solid episode overall, obviously. Spoilers, ho!

It all starts when Brian tries to play hookie, when he feigns a “sick day” to Mike and Ike. Just as we’re treated to an opening homage that directly channels Matthew Broderick, Brian’s kidnapped by CIA thugs who bring him to the middle of unknown wilderness. Turns out Rebecca and Brian’s colleagues down in Virginia had gotten wind of a dude who morphs into a human computer after popping a certain pill, free of side effects. So they’ve “borrowed” Brian without permission for his use in tracking down a terrorist in the woods in a black ops situation.


“The one who never says anything? He’s Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago,” Brian tells us as he starts assigning monikers to his captors, who don’t tell him his names. “The guy in charge? He’s Rooney, obviously.” Obviously.

Also this week, Brian’s subconscious appears as two dudes: a classic angel and devil on each shoulder dealio. “Evil” Brian’s gem of a line, when convincing his corporeal self that the suspect in the forest is a bad guy who deserves to be taken down: “Let’s just all assume the CIA doesn’t send three badasses after the guy who’s in charge of the local Rotary Club,” evil aviators-wearing Brian said, effectively shutting down goody-two-shoes sweater-wearing Brian.

This episode also showed someone else taking NZT, besides Brian. I’d like to see more emphasis on making NZT an entity of its own, and less of just a constant accessory to the main character. (Though the bad guy who took it seemed to get stupider, not brighter, upon taking NZT.) Might we see a situation where a central character other than Brian has to take NZT, and deal with the side effects? Rebecca, maybe?


Speaking of Rebecca, I’m gettin’ nervous. She’s busting people’s asses this week trying to track down Brian’s whereabouts because she loves him as a person—as a friend. That’s why I’m fearful of about what’s to come: How will she react when she finds out he’s been lying the whole time, about why he’s really immune to NZT?

Guess we’ll see. But keep the ‘80s tributes coming in the meantime, CBS.


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