Bradley Cooper, star of the original Limitless movie and an executive producer of the CBS TV version, has made most of his appearances on the show in constantly re-aired flashbacks (plus the time he voiced a talking CGI fetus). Coop returned on last night’s winter premiere, and his sleazeball character made me question everything we love about our hero Brian. Spoilers ahead!

Dunno about you guys, but there were definitely a couple minutes where I thought Brian really killed Piper. But, duh, of course not! The show gets dark sometimes, but having a murder hanging over Brian for the rest of the series would’ve way been too much. I also loved the throwbacks to the pilot: “I know a thing or two about jumping in front of subway cars.” And how great was Georgina Haig as the scholar who became the NZT immunization scientist-turned assassin?


Naz continues to be the stern but chill-when-she-needs-to-be Professor McGonagall of the bureau. “The form is just a bunch of lawyers trying to save their asses,” she tells Rebecca after shooing away HR forms Rebecca should’ve signed detailing her office romance. “You think I haven’t slept with anyone here?”

It was a relief to learn that Brian didn’t fall to the dark side after all... but then we’re greeted with Senator Edward Morra’s Frank Underwood-ian announcement and we fear for the future:


And oh god, Rebecca’s getting closer to the truth. Just thinking about the eventual Rebecca-Brian confrontation over the NZT connection to Morra makes me want to crawl into a corner and sob.

And finally...



“Yeah... I liked them in high school.”

What’d you guys think of the first episode after Limitless’ mini-hiatus?

Images via CBS.

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