We've been following artist Dan LuVisi since we uncovered his gorgeous concept art for the World War Z movie. And now his graphic novel project Last Man Standing, set 600 years in the future, is getting a movie deal!


The graphic novel, which is backed by Heavy Metal and sold out in two hours at Comic Con, has been optioned by Paramount. We've been following the progress of this book very closely, and even featured some exclusive bounty hunter babe art a while back. The actual story behind LMS is a bit complicated. The book itself is more of a 230-page world building art book, featuring various bounty-hunter characters from all across the universe. But the main character, Gabriel, has a story that's a little more specific:

LMS: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter is your first glimpse into the LMS graphic novel series. It is a character bible and prologue book that introduces you to Gabriel, the hero of our story, as he personally unravels to his audience the intricacies of his world, set in a time-transcending and parallel universe that is inhabited by a roster of colorful and deadly characters. Join Gabriel in his quest for revenge and the journey he will embark on by traveling through more than 200 pages of history, character art, bios, and other forms of pleasure and pain.

Not only only is LMS getting a movie, but also, "the novel will be expanded into a comic book by Kevin Eastman's Heavy Metal publishing label." Very exciting stuff, we can't wait to see the bounty hunters battle in the world of shark people and flat cigarettes.


[via Deadline]

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