Illustration for article titled iLast Man On Earth /iGets A New Showrunner For Season 2

If you’re not watching The Last Man On Earth what are you even doing with your life? The first season just ended and it was stupendous. And now the new season is getting a new showrunner. But cool your jets, the new boss is actually pretty cool, alright?


Deadline just announced that Dan Sterling of The Office, Girls, The Daily Show, and Kitchen Confidential (my fav) will join the new season of Last Man as executive producer and showrunner. He will be taking over the duties from show creator and star Will Forte. So much unexpected joy came out of hanging out on a desolate planet with Forte’s Phil Miller. We can only cross our fingers and hope for the best on this next season. However Forte, Chris Miller, and Phil Lord are all staying on to produce with Sterling. Seems like a win-win to us.

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