Last King's Director Rewrites Time In Asimov's Eternity

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We've known for months that plans were underway to make a movie out of Isaac Asimov's novel The End of Eternity, but it's taken until the announcement of the director for us to get excited.


State of Play and The Last King of Scotland director Kevin Macdonald will be developing and directing the big-screen version of Asimov's 1955 novel about a society of time travelers who change reality, and the people trying to destroy them, according to Variety. This is an unexpected move from the director, who's previously been known for non-genre dramas (although his next film is a historical epic set in Second Century Rome); if he can bring the weight of his other work to Eternity, we may just have found our new favorite movie.


Kevin Macdonald to direct 'Eternity' [Variety]

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Alasdair Wilkins

I've got to lay my cards on the table here. Asimov is, as anyone who reads my stuff probably knows at this point, my favorite author of all time, and The End of Eternity is my favorite book of all time, so this might my single most anticipated movie at this point (although I'm a bit saddened I won't get the opportunity to make the movie myself, megalomaniac that I am). The only Kevin MacDonald movie I've seen is Touching the Void, which is a docudrama, so I won't draw too many conclusions. Still, I'm excited.