Last Chance to Submit Ideas to the Etech Conference!

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Every year, geeky idea factory O'Reilly puts on a great conference called Emerging Technology, fondly known as Etech. There you'll hear from scientists, engineers, futurists, investors, writers and artists about what's coming next for humans living in an increasingly high-tech world. The theme of this year's conference is "abundance and constraints," which could be interpreted a lot of ways — everything from creating sci/tech that works within environmental constraints, to building networks in places without power. And much more. The deadline to submit proposals and ideas to conference organizers is tomorrow at midnight. I'm on the planning committee for Etech this year, so I encourage all you visionaries, inventors, mad scientists, and sci/tech pundits to submit an idea to us! Etech takes place in March 2009, in Silicon Valley. [Submit to Etech!]


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