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Lasers, Body Armor, Conspiracies: The Momentum Trailer Looks Insane

Illustration for article titled Lasers, Body Armor, Conspiracies: The iMomentum/i Trailer Looks Insane
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We could all use a little more Olga Kurylenko in our lives, don’t you think? The former James Bond co-star has been the best thing about a few recent movies—and in her new movie, the sci-fi action film Momentum, she gets to kick a whole bunch of ass. And run. Run a lot.


The film, directed by Stephen S. Campanelli (who was the camera operator Clint Eastwood’s last two movies), stars Kurylenko as an assassin whose secret identity is revealed during a job. She then finds herself in the middle of some kind of government conspiracy, led by another assassin played by James Purfeoy (The Following).

That sounds like a pretty simple action movie plot. But the trailer, which is kind of batshit insane, shows that this film has some kind of science-fiction angle to it. What exactly is going on? We don’t know. But there is a ton of futuristic technology in play and that’s always fun. Or at least funny.


Momentum hits theaters and on demand October 16.

[via Flickering Myth]

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