Largest Image Ever Taken Of The Moon From Earth

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This breathtaking expanse of moonscape is just one tiny portion of a massive undertaking. It is part of the biggest image of the moon ever taken from Earth, and it just earned a Guinness Book of World Records spot.


The image was created using 1000 smaller images, all taken on the same night, and carefully lined up and fitted together. If you go to the site where it's on display, you can zoom in and cruise around all over the moon's surface. If there were cities built on the Moon, you'd be able to see people's backyards. That's how detailed this image gets.

According to the project site:

The team submitted close to 1000 panes from the individual image runs, with close to 1.2 million frames of video captured, totalling 1.1 terabytes of data. These image panes were individually stitched by each team member who then submitted their region to David Mason for final compositing into the final image. The images which make up the final master were selected based on their overall quality. A significant amount of overlap was used. In total, the image shown here utilises a total of 288 high resolution panes. The end result is a high resolution 87.4 megapixel image of the Moon, larger even then previous images taken by some of the world's largest observatories, allowing features as small as 1km to be clearly seen.


Worth checking out on a lazy Friday afternoon, which is always a good time to dream about outer space.

via Lunar World Record 2009

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You neglected the most awesome part: It was done in Sir Patrick Moore's garden! Don't you Americans know a LEGEND when you see one?