Illustration for article titled Land use sign in Seattle promises the construction of a giant ball pit

A three-acre abandoned lot in Seattle promises to be the site of a Seussian new urban development. According to an official-looking sign posted at the site of a former Vitamilk Dairy plant, an epic ball pit will be moving into the neighborhood.


Explains MyGreenLake:

The sign, a parody of a Seattle Department of Planning and Development land use sign, indicates that the empty lot will be used "to construct one ground level ball pit pond containing 1,200,000 cu. ft. of rainbow plastic balls."

"Parking for for 171 bicycles, 65 unicycles, and 13 tricycles to be provided in 2 levels within the structure," the sign reads. "Existing ramp to be converted to one 40 ft. slide."

A map on the sign shows a trampoline, a concessions area and a "rescue claw."

In reality, the site is being turned into condos, which may or may not include unicycle parking.


[Via JWZ. Top photo via John Creed.]

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