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Lance Reddick hints he'll play an even bigger role in Fringe season three

We just barely started getting to know the second Broyles, from Fringe's alternate universe, but Lance Reddick hints we'll be seeing a lot more of him. And both Broyleses could be playing a major role this season. Spoilers ahead...


We loved our glimpse of alt-Broyles at the tail end of Fringe season two, with the tight T-shirt and swashbuckling attitude. So we were stoked when Lance Reddick hinted that we'd be seeing a lot more of this Broyles next year. He also hints, very tentatively, that alt-Broyles is very deeply involved with the over-arching plot in the alternate universe, and he may play a key role.

Meanwhile, Reddick really does think we're going to get to see alt-Broyles and his wife together, and glimpse how their relationship played out in the other universe. And he says that he expects "our" Broyles to notice there's something wrong with the Olivia that came back from the other side, possibly before anybody else does. It's just a matter of how long it takes him...

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So today we get Noble saying Bishop will be one of the first to notice, as well as Reddick saying Broyles will be one of the first.

Any votes for Olivia's niece being the first? "Mommy, why is Aunt Olivia a smirking bitch now?"

Or how 'bout Peter? "Hey, a universe ago you were all like 'you belong with me'. What gives?"