Lady Gaga's Latest Masterpiece Of Scifi Music Weirdness

The music video for Lady Gaga's new single Telephone is full of sexy jailhouse nihilism - and a whole lot of scifi references.

Over at Geek Sugar, we get a quick gloss on the Lady's special sandwich recipe:

Her poisonous Cook n' Kill recipe gives nods to Dune (Meta-Cyanide), Star Wars (Fex-M3), and Command and Conquer (Tiberium).


And here is Lady Gaga's favorite accessory, Heartbeats headphones, which look like they belong in scifi cult flick The Apple.

See more of the weird tech and scifi references in the video over at Geek Sugar.

And you must watch this video. It will boil your eyeballs and turn your libido into a difference engine.

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