Lady Frankenstein Builds a Biological Love Machine

Lady Frankenstein is an early-1970s spaghetti horror flick that's all about what happens when you let ladies into the lab. They build the ultimate love machines, combining their favorite male brains with their favorite male bodies. At least that's what Tania, Dr. Frankenstein's daughter, does. She returns home from medical school only to see papa murdered by his monster. Then she falls for this old dude, whose brain is great but whose body isn't as young and bouncy as she'd like. In fact, she'd rather make it with this hot retarded guy who works as their servant. So she hits on a brilliant idea: Why not continue dad's work by killing brain guy and body guy, then combining the best of both? In this scene, we see her raising the brain-transplanted dead and then . . . feeling up the undead. Ladies in the lab make for way better mad science, don't you think? [Lady Frankenstein]


Annalee Newitz

@Dr. Futurity: I'm afraid it ends with sex and strangulation. Also, there are some angry villagers.