Pierre Fournier has a terrifically weird blog devoted to one of the earliest science fiction tales ever written. It's called Frankensteinia, and it's not only educational but kind of pervvy. Fournier writes that his blog has been "singled out by Intute, a consortium of UK universities, as a valuable resource for research and education." Then he adds the magic words, "Unimpressed? OK, how about nude pictures of the Bride of Frankenstein?" Are we that transparent in expressing our needs? Apparently so. NSFW lovely monster action below. These images were created by photographer Aleksy Galushkov, who is known for his retro-styled imagery and fascination with Victorian erotica. Here he's recreated the imagery from James Whale's early-1930s Bride of Frankenstein movie, with a naughty twist. What's interesting is that Galushkov isn't the first artist to make the erotic undertones in Bride explicit: the movie Gods and Monsters, a biography of James Whale that deals a lot with the making of Bride, is about how Whale's open homosexuality fed into his depiction of an erotic monster who doesn't want to do as she's told.

The Bride Unwrapped [via Frankensteinia]