"Lady Data" cosplay photos feature a gorgeous latex Star Fleet uniform

Cosplayer extraordinaire Constantine in Tokyo has won our hearts and shut down our positronic brains with these ultra-sultry shots of herself dressed as "Lady Data." Thanks to this photo shoot, we now have ample evidence that latex is the perfect material for making Star Trek: TNG uniforms. This costume was designed by Kayla Lael of Vengeance Designs.

I love how Constantine photoshops in scifi backgrounds, too. About the photo above, she writes:

This image features one of the windows from Ten Forward on the Enterprise - I screen capped it from 'Yesterday's Enterprise' in Season 3. Rather than the standard stars I used the Eagle Nebula, which is 7000 light years distant. I have no idea if this is what it would look like from a window on the Enterprise, but I like to hope that it would!


Here are a couple more scifi backgrounds:

See more amazing photos on Constantine in Tokyo's Facebook page or on her main website.


Thanks for the tip, Marcello Milteer!

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