Lady Antelopes Kill for Sex

Science isn't all about sex, pollution, cutting up brains, and going to outer space, but given today's headlines we can just pretend that it is.

  • Turns out the time-honored "dudes fighting over a lady" thing isn't really that common outside the human world. If you look at how most species behave in nature, often the ladies are fighting to the death to get a few ounces of precious sperm. A new study looks at how lionesses and female antelopes go into sexual frenzies and fight each other for the right to get with males. [LiveScience]
  • Now you can make cash if you save the forest. At least, that's the promise that's luring a lot of countries to the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference, where everybody is trying to go green but still rake in the same amount of dough they'd get from filling the atmosphere with carbon. [Eurekalert] Hot pix of Venus and why you are stupid after the jump.
  • Yes, Venus has lightning. Why is that such big news? Oh right, it's the pictures. []
  • People are living way too long, and that's screwing up everybody's pension plans. A recent British study showed that dying younger is better for retirement. [Eurekalert]
  • Apparently you're stupid not just because your parents are. Maybe it was your environment that made you dumb. New Scientist reports on several findings that show there is no one "intelligence gene" that determines whether you'll get that Ph.D. or not. In fact, even people with genes that indicate potential intelligence can be ground down into dumbasses through exposure to toxins or bad teachers. [New Scientist] AP Photo by Don Ryan.

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