Lack of Immunizations Cause Measles Outbreaks in Calgary and Edmonton

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Alberta's two largest cities, Calgary and Edmonton, have declared a measles outbreak. The province's health service is asking people who show signs of the disease to stay indoors. Not surprisingly, the outbreak has been linked to dangerously low levels of immunizations.


Relatedly, confirmed cases in Washington's Whatcom County have been link to a current outbreak in British Columbia's Fraser Valley. This whole mess got started on account of an epidemic that occurred in the Netherlands from May 2013 to March 2014 in municipalities with low vaccine coverage (below 90%) against measles. Many of the people living in these areas belong to the Dutch Orthodox Reformed Church who, for religious reasons, refuse to have their children vaccinated. The disease has since spread to Canada and elsewhere. In addition to B.C., measles has also been detected in Southern Ontario, including Hamilton and Brampton.

Learn more about measles here.

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General Disarray

I don't care if this sounds extreme. Children who aren't vaccinated shouldn't be allowed in public schools. Don't want to vaccinate your kid? Fine. Homeschool them. Keep them out of soccer and dance classes. The rest of the population should not suffer and potentially die for your stupidity.