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Neil Burger's (The Illusionist) next big film is the thriller Dark Fields, and he's already cast scifi staple Shia LaBeouf, according to Coming Soon. The movie, based on Alan Glynn's novel, is about a futuristic pill that when swallowed makes you whip-crack smart. Alas, the side effects are nasty.Burger told Coming Soon:

"It's more like if there's viagra or steroids, why isn't there something that increases your synaptic connections and makes you think smarter and faster, but it's not without side effects and consequences."


These side effects including sometimes seeing the world in stop motion style, causing terrible, horrible headaches. Burger is working on a script from Leslie Dixon, who is also working on a remake of Hitchcock's The Birds . Filming for the project will begin in New York city in the winter and the movie won't be released until about 2010. []

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