La La Land Turns Dystopian in Clever Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Mash-up

Still: William Yates via YouTube
Still: William Yates via YouTube

Here’s to the fools who dream...of electric sheep.

YouTuber William Yates (under the name The Doctor of Will) released a short fan teaser trailer for La La Land 2049, a futuristic sequel for the 2016 movie musical that explores love in a vacuum of endless time instead of making it yet another example of Ryan Gosling explaining jazz. The trailer shows K/Sebastian wandering into the remnants of his old jazz club, Seb’s, only to be confronted by the ghost of a love gone by. But how is she there, ageless, after all this time? Is she a replicant? Are they both? Hey, I’ll never tell...

Sadly, no one breaks out into song—though I would kill to hear Harrison Ford bust a tune, but only after punching Gosling for trying, again, to explain jazz to people who are already very familiar with the musical genre. You can check out the fan trailer below.


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Meanwhile every other actor wanted to beat the crap out of this Joker.