La Bamba, Black Canary, A Doc And A Smallvillian Join Stargate

SGU has cast its final crew members - and check it out, it's Lou Diamond Phillips and Ming-Na. Add the new cast to David Blue and Robert Carlyle, and SGU is shaping up quite nicely.

First up, Lou Diamond Phillips has been cast as Colonel Telford, the leader, because his magnificent head of hair was destined to guide youths through the troubled skies of space.


Next is Alaina Huffman will be playing Tamara Johansen, the field medic whom I can only assume will be some sort of Keller substitute. You may remember Huffman from her more yelly days as Black Canary on Smallville.

Gorgeous ER actress Ming-Na is taking on the role of Camille Wray, a stuffed shirt from HR. She'll be the highest ranking HR and sounds like a Richard Woolsey, or someone the audience will need to warm up to.

The bratty daughter of a U.S. Senator, Chloe Armstrong, is being portrayed by Smallville alum Elyse Levesque.

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