Kylo Ren Returns to Saturday Night Live for Another Round of Undercover Boss

Adam Driver as the new intern.
Adam Driver as the new intern.
Image: NBC

And he only kills, like, a couple of people. Truly, he’s growing.

Last night, Adam Driver returned to host Saturday Night Live for the third time, and since SNL has never had a good idea that it wouldn’t repeat, that means Kylo Ren is back, too. During Driver’s first appearance, we saw Ren go undercover in a parody version of Undercover Boss, learning the struggles of the regular people working to serve the First Order. Now, he’s back in a followup, where Kylo Ren again goes undercover to find out how the other half lives.

This outing, admittedly, isn’t as funny as the original, but Driver remains a better comedic presence than, well, most of SNL’s cast and it remains a pretty fun time. I like the intern fashion, too—that vest with the First Order logo is actually pretty fetching. And SNL’s wig game is definitely more on point than it was a few years ago.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is still in some theaters if you’re interested in seeing more of Kylo.


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Meh... I’ve got nothing against Adam Driver, he seems like a cool guy, I just could never get behind him as Vader 2.0 or even Vader lite. [Vader emo??] Seems like casting dropped the ball on that one. He lacks “presence”. ...Then again, if we’re comparing him to Hayden Christensen... But when you compare him to Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, now they both had presence, Hamill not so much, but then Luke was supposed to be a bit of an awkward teenage doof in the original movie.