Adam Driver as the new intern.
Image: NBC

And he only kills, like, a couple of people. Truly, he’s growing.

Last night, Adam Driver returned to host Saturday Night Live for the third time, and since SNL has never had a good idea that it wouldn’t repeat, that means Kylo Ren is back, too. During Driver’s first appearance, we saw Ren go undercover in a parody version of Undercover Boss, learning the struggles of the regular people working to serve the First Order. Now, he’s back in a followup, where Kylo Ren again goes undercover to find out how the other half lives.

This outing, admittedly, isn’t as funny as the original, but Driver remains a better comedic presence than, well, most of SNL’s cast and it remains a pretty fun time. I like the intern fashion, too—that vest with the First Order logo is actually pretty fetching. And SNL’s wig game is definitely more on point than it was a few years ago.


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is still in some theaters if you’re interested in seeing more of Kylo.

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