Kylo Ren and Darth Vader Are Mirror Images in a New Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures Short

Ben, meet Anakin.
Ben, meet Anakin.
Image: Lucasfilm

And you thought a new episode of The Clone Wars was all the new Star Wars you were getting today? Think again.

Star Wars Kids just relaunched its Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures series with three killer new episodes. The first is about Rey, showing how she went from scavenger to Jedi. The second features Rey, Finn, Chewie, Poe Dameron, and BB-8 stealing from the First Order. And the third shows the many ways Kylo Ren mirrors his grandfather, Darth Vader.

What’s great about these, if you haven’t been watching them since day one, is they kind of exist out of time. Some of the scenes are from the movies, some aren’t. Nothing new happens in them of any real significance, but they’re completely delightful and entertaining to watch. In that way, these shorts basically give us the best of Star Wars, condensed into 90-second packages.


Here’s the Rey short.

Here’s the group short...with an extended cameo from Poe Dameron’s five o’clock shadow.

And here’s the Ren-Vader short, which is my favorite of the bunch.

I love the animation here but also the dynamic movements and editing—they really help pack so much energy and excitement into these bite-size videos.

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