Kyle, the superpowered test-tube baby from ABC Family's Kyle XY, has demonstrated some bizarre abilities. But in this exclusive clip from Monday's episode, he shows off his weirdest power of all: super-vomit. Spoilers below.

If you've been following Kyle XY, you'll know that Amanda finally kicked Kyle to the curb after she saw him kissing his fellow weird-science creation, Jessi XX. Amanda just didn't understand that Kyle was only kissing Jessi so he could electrocute her, and figure out the correct voltage to destroy a brain implant in Amanda's head without killing her in the process. He was doing it for Amanda. She just doesn't understand.


So anyway, in an effort to get over the nasty breakup, Kyle goes out and gets drunk with his host-brother Josh and their pal Declan. But it turns out Kyle can sober up at a moment's notice, by using the amazing power of his super-puke. Why hasn't Superman ever tried this?

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