Krypton TV Series In The Works, We Blame Gotham

Man of Steel writer David Goyer is allegedly working on a Krypton show. But will the alien-set series have Russell Crowe's weird bird/bug dragon? It doesn't matter, since everyone dies anyway.

Because we are living in a comic book Renaissance (or glut), the television world has decided that they want even more prequel-like comic book shows. And the new rumor is we're getting a show set on Krypton, which doesn't sound expensive OR ridiculous. Bleeding Cool is reporting the rumor that Man of Steel writer David Goyer is working on (in what capacity we don't know).


We don't know if it's named Krypton, but Bleeding Cool is implying that this could be the name or the general gist of the show. Which means we may get some hang time with Superman's Dad or his Mom or maybe Baby General Zod or something. Basically, nothing with Superman, because he won't be born yet. That sounds fun right?

All we're saying is, giant dick ships or no deal:

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