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In the last trailer, we got a brief look at the galactic bounty hunter dujour. Now, it’s time to let him introduce himself.

And, boy, does he have introductions. Titles upon titles, this Lobo guy has—the Last Czarnian, Master Machete, Mister Frag, or, my personal favorite, Archbishop of the First Celestial Church of the Triple Fish-God. In this brief clip, shared by IGN, Lobo appears in a form that is pretty familiar to DC fans—eccentric, insistent, loud, and ready to shoot things.

It’s a solid Lobo, but how is the larger-than-life character going to fit into the more serious drama of Krypton’s pre-apocalypse? We’ll have to wait until the second season premieres on June 12th, on Syfy, to find out. 


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