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Kristin Kreuk Lets Her Chun-Li Legs Fly, Yuuup Yup!

Illustration for article titled Kristin Kreuk Lets Her Chun-Li Legs Fly, Yuuup Yup!

Workin' the pole to her advantage, Chun Li yup yups some deadly power kicks straight into the faces of her assailants, in the new live-action Street Fighter movie. Kotaku got their hands on a few new action stills from Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, showing our main lady kicking some ass with her infamous meaty gams.


The film is an origin story for Chun-Li, with roles for the whole Street Fighter gang — hopefully including green monster man Blanka! The video-game adaptation will hit theaters February 27, 2009.

Check out the rest of the images over at video game site Kotaku. But while your here enjoy the Chun-Li Yup Yup love rap, with lyrics by Turbo.


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'm not sure how I feel about her doing Chun-Li. I mean, Chun-li was a healthy big girl and Kirsten Kreuk is tiny comparatively. Like really tiny.