Kristin Chenoweth Is Returning to ABC as a Real Housewife Who Becomes a Fairy Godmother

Image: Starz
Image: Starz

There are certain fantastical roles, like Wicked’s Glinda and American Gods’ Easter, that have Kristin Chenoweth’s name scrawled all over them in huge, surprisingly intimidating letters. That’s very much the case for the actress’ newest lead role in ABC’s comedy The Real Fairy Godmother.

The show, penned by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner, tells the story of a stereotypical housewife (in the style of Bravo’s infamous Real Housewives franchise) who one day discovers that she’s actually a fairy with a number of magical, godmotherly responsibilities. The show will be be produced by Craig Zadan and and Neil Meron, who have previously worked with Chenoweth on projects like NBC’s live production of Hairspray!

Though we don’t know much about the plot of The Real Fairy Godmother, Chenoweth—who was previously on ABC’s dramedy GCB—has built an entire career on playing characters who straddle the gap between treacle-y sweetness and withering misanthropy. That’s basically the perfect combination for an obnoxious, reality-TV star turned storybook godmother (and yes, there’s a chance she’ll sing on the show, too).


While no plans for airing have yet been announced, ABC’s committed to a full pilot that we’ll hopefully get a chance to see in the near future.


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We don’t deserve Kristin Chenoweth.