Kristen Wiig’s Humble Start With The X-Men

When most Saturday Night Live cast members are asked where they got their career started, we tend to hear the same answers: Chicago's Second City, L.A.'s Groundlings, and the UCB Theater right here in New York. Kristen Wiig, however, has a much more interesting story to tell.

On the Late Show, Wiig recalled how she began her career in Los Angeles: at the Universal Studios theme park. First, as a waitress in one of their restaurants - until she got promoted to act in the X-Men live show.


Read the rest, and watch the video, over at Jezebel.

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I would have lol'd if she played original look Rogue a.k.a. "THE MARGARET THATCHER ROGUE".

Anyway, gotta statr somewhere........and it was a stereotypical start.