Kristen Stewart's New Futuristic Romance Looks Decidedly Unsettling

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The new film from director Drake Doremus feels awfully familiar. It’s set in a future where violence has been done away with by suppressing human emotions. There, a man and a woman must decide if it’s okay to pursue this odd thing they’re feeling: love.

It’s called Equals, and yes, the plot sounds a lot like decades of influential scifi, from Logan’s Run, 1984, and THX-1138, to The Giver and Divergent. But the new trailer, and fact it stars Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, definitely has our attention. Here it is.

That’s some creepy, heady shit right there. And while reviews out of the festival circuit were mixed at best, it’s always nice to see a film that pays homage to what came before it. We just hope it advances what those other works have done and isn’t doomed to simply repeat them.


Here’s an equally cool poster to go along with the trailer. Equals opens this Spring.

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