Kristen Bell Sings "Want To Build A Snowman" Live—With All The Voices

We spent a lot of time celebrating the greatness that is Idina Menzel in Frozen, but Kristen Bell is no slouch either. Just try not to cry watching Bell sing all the parts of her aging character Anna in this live rendition of "Do You Want To Build A Snowman."

And just for funsies, here's Bell again with Broadway bigwig Santino Fontana reprising his role as Hans in "Love is an Open Door." This private concert was featured a few months ago, but we haven't seen this particular solo released yet. Plus it's adorable.


Now please excuse us; we need to go cry about sisters.

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E Al Fathoom

A small rant/request:

My biggest problem with this movie is the fans. I respect peoples opinions that love this movie and I refrain from stepping on their enjoyment. I know what it's like to love something that a lot of people don't. But inevitably, they ask my opinion and when I tell them that I didn't like it, I'm looked at like some kind of monster and have to spend the next 20 minutes explaining myself (this has happened more than two or three times now) with people trying to convince me that it's great (which makes me like it less).

It seems that my non-love for this movie threatens the love that people have and they have to defend it. It's not the first movie, tv show, thing, that this has happened with (consoles, phones, etc), but it came up again tonight for at least the 4 or 5th time and ruined, for me at least, a perfectly pleasant evening.

For those people that love this movie, please, by all means, love this movie. Enjoy the hell out of it. I'll leave you to it. But when you meet someone like me that doesn't like it and has genuinely thought out (non-contrarian) reasons for not liking it, please respect that. Hell, even if the reasons are contrarian, please respect that.

People can like things that you don't.

It's ok.

We still love you.