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Korra's back and she's finally acting like a grownup

It has been a few episodes since we've seen Korra in action, but in this week's episode, she has finally been tasked with a clear goal—and she knows just where to go for help. And this freshly inspired Korra is mature, contrite, and ready to display the meditative patience she'll need to defend the world.


All gifs from Korra Nation.

This is what we've been waiting for since Korra came down with that nasty bout of amnesia. Upon learning the true nature of the Avatar and of the approach of Harmonic Convergence, she emerges with a greater sense of wisdom and responsibility, and marches off to Tenzin with an apology on her lips.


This season has been filled with complicated family ties, but I didn't realize until this episode just how much I missed seeing Korra with Tenzin. Tonraq may be Korra's father, but Tenzin was her father figure throughout the first season, and they seem natural together, even with such distinct and strong personalities. It was also a reminder that Korra is something of a big sister to Tenzin's children, and that comes through especially when Korra is building Jinora up over her spirit ability.

Also, dragonfly bunny spirits are pretty adorable. I'd let Bu-Ju guide me into the spirit realm.


Tenzin's arc this season has been all about the tensions between following in Aang's footsteps and being a family man. Tenzin can be as headstrong as Korra in his way (although it's tempered with a strong sense of duty), and it's interesting to see that he isn't the spiritual master that he has held himself out to be—and that he must suppress his jealous over Unalaq's abilities and his own daughter's. Tenzin certainly hasn't come to the end of what he has to teach Korra, but even as Korra has learned to better respect Tenzin's wisdom, so has Tenzin learned that he can't be Korra's sole mentor. Perhaps even after this episode, Jinora will serve as a master to Korra as Toph and Katara served as teachers to Aang.

Speaking of family, there are interesting developments among the Unalaq clan. Unalaq's children may follow him more or less blindly in his quest for power, but we've learned what their breaking point is: one another. When Desna is injured, Eska leaves Unalaq's side to tend to him—which is only natural given how close the twins are. I wonder about Unalaq's apparent indifference toward his children. Is he affect by his proximity to Vaatu, or is he just a complete asshole?


And then, back in Republic City…


Thanks, Bolin, for perfectly summing up my feelings on that one. Uh, okay. I'm surprised that the writers decided to do this, especially after the wide criticism of the love triangle last season. But if Mako and Asami are together, can this just be it? Can we stop picking at these relationships and stop having scenes devoted to breakups and makeups when there are far more interesting things afoot?


I'm just hoping that Mako's arrest means that Asami will be dealing with Varrick on her own. I really want to see her outmaneuver the sly fellow.

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Anyone else think Lin Beifong is a complete idiot for thinking Mako is causing all the problems? And how much do you want to bet that her two cop friends are being paid off by Varrick. Not to mention Tenzin having a shit-fit throughout the episode, trying to practically sabotage both his daughter's offer to help and Korra's actual attempts to repair everything she did wrong. It's like Korra passed off the idiot ball to everyone else.