Korean scientists push to keep evolution in schools

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A small cohort of Korean scientists is fighting to reintroduce some sanity to the country, after creationist group Society for Textbook Revise successfully campaigned to see examples of evolution removed from high school bio textbooks.


According to Nature News Blog:

The group say the textbook publishers were wrong to remove examples of the evolution of the horse and the avian ancestor Archaeopteryx, and that instead the relevant sections should be updated to include the latest research. They also criticised the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology for failing to oversee textbook revisions. In response to a public outcry, the ministry has said it will set up an expert panel to oversee future revisions.


Here's hoping this group finds the footing it needs to confront the proposed revisions in a meaningful way. [Nature]

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Corpore Metal

To get very Swiftian here, I propose that, for ideological and theological purity, and for the good of their souls, everyone who believes in intelligent design or the literal truth of Biblical creation, should not allowed to use anything involving modern medicine—since about 90 percent of modern medicine is based on evolution and genetics being true.

Clearly these true believers shouldn't taint themselves with the Devil's handiwork.