Music-and-comics blog Armagideon Time offers more proof that the 1950s were a golden age for science fiction that offered wonder, amazement, and more than a little bit of patriotic xenophobia. Witness the lost classic "Korea Of Space", which AT describes thusly:

The entire time I was reading this story, I had the most powerful feelings of deja vu. I eventually figured out why. "Korea of Space" is remarkably similar in plot to the original Star Trek series episode "Space Seed," only heavier on the Red Scare agitprop and tragically devoid of an over-the-top fight scene featuring William Shatner and Ricardo Montalban.


With a tease like that, how could you not want to check this out?

To set the scene, 22nd century cop Jon Jarl has discovered a satellite full of frozen North Korean soldiers embedded in an asteroid, and upon defrosting them with his "Atomic Heat Lamp," sets about giving them a history lesson:

"You lie!" snarled Yong, giving out a string of Oriental oaths. "How could the bloated, decadent, capitalistic world win out against the mighty red star coalition of nations?"

"You can cut out all the ideological rubbish," Jon drawled bitingly. Already he hated these men who had followed that ancient evil code of human slavery. "You and all your misguided Red allies got a thumping licking by the United Nations. If you don't believe me, it's all down in black-and-white in the history books. Deny that if you can!"

As you can expect, Yong and his communist nogoodnik allies don't take that kind of manly talk lying down, and vow to fight back against America - sorry, I mean, "the good people of the future" - before seeing the error of their ways. Not that Jon Jarl falls for that:

Jon shook his head. "You can't fool me," he spat back. "You Reds understand only one thing - a good licking! What I want is unconditional surrender!"


Unconditional surrender? A good licking? Apparently, the 22nd century is much kinkier than we had suspected.

Historical inevitability versus laser beams [Armagideon Time]


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