Know Your (Blue-Footed, Red-Footed, And Masked) Boobies

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If you are going to tell jokes about the members of the Sulidae family of birds known as boobies, you should at least be able to tell them apart.


After ornithological artist Jada Fitch shared her Tits of the World poster, many of you clamored for a second print featuring these diving birds. Fitch has delivered, and her boobies poster is available as a print from Society6. She also has an "I Heart Boobies" t-shirt, in case you're looking for something more comprehensive than Threadless' old "Nice Boobies" t-shirt.

Boobies [Society6]

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The Rough-faced Shag would be worth an snicker if we actually used "shag" in our Amerikin vernacular (which thankfully we don't).