Knight Rider TV Movie Could Suck Less Than You Think

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More details on the Knight Rider TV movie have leaked out. The TV movie revolves around a secret organization that sounds exactly like the Berkut Group from Bionic Woman. The Knight Foundation (named after Michael Knight, David Hasselhoff's character on the original show) has a super vague mission: correcting the mistakes of covert military contractors. To this end, they — you guessed it — create a super-smart car. Okay, so you knew this was probably going to suck. The only question is, why will it suck? And how could it have sucked less?


First of all, why does every sci-fi-ish action show have to have a private foundation that saves the world now? And why does the Knight Foundation decide to recruit the son Hasselhoff never knew he had (Jason Bruening) to drive its new super-car? Did he inherit a yappy-car gene?

Then there's the collection of worn stereotypes. The Knight Foundation is run by eccentric (ugh) scientist Charles Graiman (played by Close To Home's Bruce Davison) and his daughter Sarah. A "shady millionaire" (ugh) and his thugs want their own super-car, but Graiman refuses to build one. So the bad guys decide to kill Graiman and take KITT, the super-car, for themselves. So basically it's Grand Theft Auto, except that the car comments on the action. You can stop calling this a back-door pilot. That door is krazy-glued shut.


After so many other failed Knight Rider revamps, why is NBC exhuming the franchise one more time?

Really, what's sad is that this effort is so unambitious. Given that every suburban mom has a GPS on her dashboard now, it's time we had a new fantasy to replace "smart talking car." What if the car's AI could also operate other machines? Or what if instead of having a human driver, the car had an android attachment who could appear human to the casual observer? Why does a super car need a driver anyway? [Image from The Sun]

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