With the recent unveiling of the new Knight Rider car and a new TV movie on the way in February, we delved back into the mists of time to come up with the sadly forgotten Automan. Automan was television's bastard child answer to the movie Tron, and featured a sentient crime fighting computer program with a Lamborghini.


Automan was the creation of computer programmer Walter Nebicher (how's that for a nerdy name?), and he could only come out at night, when the city wasn't using all of its electrical power. He was armed with a flying little sidekick named Cursor who made Automan (Chuck Wagner) appear and could also create vehicles for him to travel around in, including that sporty car. However, he wasn't imbued with the power to stop cancellation, and Automan's plug was pulled after only 12 episodes, even with the star power of Desi Arnaz Jr. as the nebbishy Nebicher.

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