Knight Rider Racing Towards Hoff

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Finally, a reason to hope that NBC's Knight Rider makes it to a second season. Sources are reporting that should the troubled reboot survive its mid-season shake-up then a second season would include the addition of a new regular character: Michael Knight, as played by David Hasselhoff. That's right: we may finally get the father-son-car threesome action we've all been waiting for.The report comes from Ain't It Cool, which ran the following secondhand rumor:

The producers of Sony's 2009 release Anaconda 4 (or whatever it was called) which stars David Hasselhoff said they're going to make more of them, but it won't star David. He said that David will probably be too busy to do a 5th film in the series (he did 3 & 4 back to back) because he's returning to TV. The plan for the next season of KNIGHT RIDER, says he, is for David Hasselhoff to be a regular on the show. He'd be teamed with his on-screen son Mike Tracer (Justin Bruening) to solve weekly adventures in the hopes that that boosts ratings.


If true, this may be the greatest thing to happen to Hoff's career since... well, the last time he guest-starred on Knight Rider. If There's A Second Season Of KNIGHT RIDER, Will The Hoff Return For Father/Son Adventures Of The Week?? [Ain't It Cool]



yes, this is the news we were all waiting to hear. this is the reason we withheld approval for the new KITT. this changes everything and now reporting spoilers for this KITT has been proved worthwhile.

really io9 writter Graeme McMillan? do you even hear yourself talk?