Knight Rider Isn't Cancelled. Yet

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If you thought - as we did - that NBC cutting four episodes from Knight Rider's first season seemed like a bad sign for the series' future, then showrunner Gary Scott Thompson is ready to tell you otherwise. Although he'd also like you to start writing letters, just in case.


Fansite Knight Rider Online went to Thompson to ask whether the reduction in episodes was bad news for the series, and Thompson was very, very emphatic in response:

The show is not cancelled. We're doing a reboot and, uh, a lot of folks don't know this, but NBC cut costs by cutting episodes, which they did on a bunch of shows. They also just laid off 750 people yesterday in their production offices and their other offices. So this is a cost-cutting measure, it is not a cancellation measure.


That's right; less Knight Rider has nothing to do with falling ratings and critical drubbing. It's all because of the financial crisis, so I guess there's one good thing about that. But Thompson's next comment slightly undercut his authoratative stance:

So... Writing letters, though! Write a lot of letters to NBC telling them that you want Knight Rider back.

Obviously, the show doesn't need letters, because it's only having its season cut because of the economic crisis; the reason Thompson wants fans to write letters isn't to show support for the show, because, hey! The show doesn't need support! No, it's all just to make sure that the Postal Workers of the US stay in work during these troubled times.

He's a kind man, Gary Scott Thompson. Always looking out for the little guy.

Knight Rider NOT canceled says Gary Scott Thompson [Knight Rider Online]


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Corpore Metal

I have a conspiracy theory for this. Please take it with a dump truck of salt.

The auto industry (Well, the US auto industry at any rate.) is currently in a slump given the high price of gasoline and the economic recession, dangerously high consumer debt and the various meltdowns in the lending and banking industries.

How to get young people (men in particular.) with money to buy cars? Hit 'em with the nostalgia kick by reviving a cheesy TV series about a robot car from their youth. Have some chase scenes, some pulling into suspiciously uncrowded driveways of expensive looking real estate and a bit of romance in the interior of said car and, bang, you got them thinking about your brand of automobile again.

Said revival not doing so hot? Well that sucks, but we gotta kids buying are cars damn it! Fine, we'll subsidize a few more episodes and maybe the kids will take notice.