News reaches me from Chicago that a Klingon Christmas Carol is being performed. Indeed, the show's so well-received that The Wall Street Journal sent a journalist to cover it, who returned with a great article and fascinating video.

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Apparently, the fact the show is performed entirely in Klingon does not put off the audience, who know the story well enough to follow what is happening even if they are not one of the 40 fluent speakers of Klingonese in the world (or the tens of thousands of people who are merely conversant).

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Now in its fourth year, this is the first time the show is being performed on this large a scale. On top of that, among the first audience was Marc Okrand, the guy who invented Klingon so that Christopher Lloyd and his pals could speak it for the third Star Trek film, The Search For Spock. Talk about your ghosts of Christmas past!


Just like Star Trek itself which keeps getting reinvented, Dickens' original story has been tweaked too, with Tiny Tim's line of God bless us, every one one of many alterations, in this case changing to a gutteral roar of "WE ARE KLINGONS!" While change is as much a part of Trek as bad weaves and red shirts, I much prefer the original – joH'a' ghurmoH maH Hoch wa'!

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