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A lost second volume of the early science fiction novella called The Great Romance has been discovered in New Zealand, and it reveals early thoughts of crazy alien sex, plus airlocks, space shuttles and space suits. All this, long before we had even devised a scientific way to the moon besides jumping really, really high. But what's really important about this novel is it's the first serious narrative where humans leave Earth to colonize other planets, instead of getting attacked War of The Worlds-style. More plot details after the jump.


The Great Romance volume two was found in the Hocken Library in Dunedin, New Zealand. The story follows John Hope, who falls asleep after using a mysterious elixir and wakes up in a utopian future. In this future, humans are all very civil to one another, as required by law. They also have great aspirations for space travel and take Hope to Venus and other planets.

Publishers Weekly went as far as to claim that, "This may have been the first time that anyone described space suits, airlocks or the difficulties of landing on an asteroid or entering a planetary atmosphere." The author is unknown and printed as "The Inhabitant," which only furthers my suspicions that this in fact is fanfic written by an alien visitor.


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