Kiss Me Underage Deadly In New Captain America Tease

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Jailbait psychopaths and government organizations offering secret deals? It can only be the latest ploy from Marvel Comics to make sure that you'll pick up the first issue of Captain America: Reborn.


Previewing today's release of the first issue from Marvel's much-hyped, star-spangled, series, the publisher yesterday released an eight-page, online-only prelude issue by Reborn writer Ed Brubaker and artist Luke Ross that offers more hints at just what is going on behind the scenes of the Captain America title, as well as tying events into Marvel's larger Dark Reign storyline. What role does the daughter of the Red Skull have in the resurrection of Steve Rogers? And have they thought what the acronym HAMMER actually stands for yet? Clues are dropped and teases are laid, and all for free. What more could you ask for?

Reborn Prelude []

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