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Kiss Me, Cyborg

Illustration for article titled Kiss Me, Cyborg

The next new genre of romance novels? Science fiction romance, claims author Jordan Summers, based on industry gossip. It's been ages since science fiction romances have had a surge in popularity, and science fiction could replace vampires as the next "paranormal" romance genre. Summers herself writes in the urban fantasy and romance genres, and her next novel Red is set in a near-future world where a future cop named Red meets a mysterious stranger named Morgan who will change her life forever. But Summers admits, "I haven't read a lot of sci-fi romance, unless you consider Old Man's War and S.L. Viehl romances." [Jordan Summers]


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in a consious effort to read more SF written by, or about, women

I've been reading (among others) Linnea Sinclair's books...even after I

realized they were romance novels I'm still picking them up when they

come out...not bad, if a little obvious at times...

I don't mind more 'romance' in my sci-fi...the best stories are, after all, about relationships...